Time Capsule Content

As a part of UConn Engineering’s Centennial Celebration, a time capsule was buried on the site of the new Engineering & Science Building. Below are the items placed in the time capsule. Some of the pieces are representative of technologies being developed today in our school, others are memorabilia or whimsical mementos. Some items were chosen for their vintage provenance, while others are in common use today. All represent the strides made by engineers in the past century.








14‐Inch Hard Disk

Keith Barker

Possibly, for International Business Machines (IBM) disk drive. Circa 1960



Hewlett‐Packard 21 (HP‐21) Hand Held Calculator

Keith Barker

Reverse Polish notation. 1975‐1978



Printed Circuit Board

Keith Barker



5 1/4‐Inch Flexible Diskette

Keith Barker

Spartan™ by Hi‐Tech® double side double density (DS/DD). Circa 1970s‐80s



3 1/2‐Inch Floppy Disk

Keith Barker

Verbatim MF 2HD Datalife Floppy Disk. Circa 1990s


Seagate Fast ATA‐2 Disc Drive

Keith Barker

Seagate Technology, Inc. 1994



Computer Punched Cards

Keith Barker

DD‐5081 80‐column punched cards. Circa 1960s‐70s



Fan Folded Paper Tape

Keith Barker

Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) Programmed Data Processor (PDP) fan folded paper tape. 1975



Nixie Tube

Keith Barker

Cold cathode numeral display.  Circa 1950s‐90s



LEGO®Building Brick & Pieces “Jonathan”

Adam Weber

LEGO‐made Jonathan, the UConn Husky dog mascot



University of Connecticut 1881 Commemorative Plaque

Heidi S. Douglas

College Plaque Company.  Circa 1950s‐60s



Autographed International Space Station Flag

Richard Mastracchio

UConn flag flown on International Space Station (ISS) expeditions 38 & 39



Autographed Photos of Astronaut Rick Mastracchio

Richard Mastracchio

Two (2) photographs of STS‐21 spacewalks in April 2010



Handheld Digital Multimeter

Rajeev Bansal

Test instrument routinely used by UConn Electrical Engineering students. 2017



iPhone 4S Mobile Phone with USB Data Cable

Heidi S. Douglas

16GB Apple Inc. mobile phone.  Circa 2011



UConn Engineering Commemorative Pins

UConn Engineering

Three (3) pins commemorating the school (2012), legacy society (2014), & centennial (2016)



NASA Agency and Mission Insignias

Andrew Hoffman

One (1) NASA sticker (2010) and two (2) mission patches:  STS‐1, 1st shuttle mission on Columbia launched April 1981, Young & Crippen; Expedition 50, Kimbrough & Whitson, September 2016 to April 2017



YBa2Cu3O7‐x Superconductor

Pamir Alpay Adam Wentworth Steven Onorato Alex Reardon

UConn Materials Science & Engineering Dept.‐fabricated superconductor with transition state around 90K. 2017



Television Remote Control

Heidi S. Douglas

Remote control for Hisense® television models. 2013



UConn Recruitment Video

UConn Engineering

Video Home System (VHS) format UConn recruitment video. 1998



Texas Instruments (TI‐83 Plus) Graphing Calculator

Daniel Burkey

Basic graphing calculator for high school math & science. 2015



Silly Putty & Plastic Shopping Bag

Ranjan Srivastava

Silicone polymer‐based children’s toy discovered around World War II with unusual physical properties and typical plastic shopping bag. 2016


Carbon Black Powder and Silicone Electrode

Ki Chon

Two (2) UConn Biomedical Engineering Department‐fabricated electrodes to measure electrocardiogram to measure heart rates and diagnose malignant heart rhythms. 2017



UConn USB Flash Drive with 2012 Senior Design Project File

UConn Engineering

Universal Serial Bus (USB) portable storage device containing files a 2012 Senior Design project report for design of a Leadership In Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified “green” museum building in Savannah, GA



Hewlett‐Packard (HP) Black Ink Cartridges

Heidi S. Douglas

Two (2) black ink cartridges (regular and high capacity XL) for HP laser printers. 2016/2017



MIT Plastic Pocket Protector with Various Writing Implements

Alexander Schwarzmann

Invented during World War II to prevent ink stains, pocket protectors faded in the 1980’s, enduring only as symbol of engineering “nerd” pride. 1999



UConn Engineering Tape Measure

UConn Engineering

Roll‐up, self‐retracting English/metric tape measure; promotional gift for alumni events.  Circa 2008



The Daily Campus ‐ WBB 100th Win in a Row

Nicole Nicholson Fey

UConn Women’s Basketball 100 game winning streak. Vol. CXXIII No. 16, Feb. 14, 2017


The Daily Campus ‐ New Dog in Town

Nicole Nicholson Fey

New UConn mascot, Jonathan XIV, named in honor of Jonathan Trumbull, the last colonial and first state Governor of Connecticut. Vol. CX No. 69, Jan. 29, 2014


The Daily Campus ‐ MBB Advances to Final Four

Nicole Nicholson Fey

UConn defeats Michigan State 60‐54 to advance to Final Four. Vol. CXX No. 105, Mar. 31, 2014



The Daily Campus ‐ WBB 2013 NCAA Champions

Nicole Nicholson Fey

UConn Women’s Basketball win 8th title, tying all time record. Apr. 10, 2013



The Hartford Courant ‐ Female Engineer

Nicole Nicholson Fey

“I’m A Female Engineer:  Don’t Call Me A Geek,” by Tricia Berry,

Washington Post.  Nov. 9, 2014



Autographed Invitation for New Dean Celebration

Kazem Kazerounian

April 25, 2014 reception celebrating new UConn Engineering Dean



Long‐Sleeve Tee Shirt: Real Engineers Wear Pink

UConn Engineering

Celebrating women in engineering. 2014


Long‐Sleeve Tee Shirt: 100 Engineering Excellence

UConn Engineering

Celebrating the Engineering centennial. 2016



Long‐Sleeve Tee Shirt: Women in Engineering

UConn Engineering

Celebrating women in engineering and acknowledging 1995, year first women graduates. 2016



Long‐Sleeve Tee Shirt:  NXT 100 YRS

UConn Engineering

Looking forward to bicentennial. 2017



UConn Engineering Hat

UConn Engineering

Est. 1881. 2017



Short‐Sleeve Tee Shirt: Eurotech

Brian Schwarz

Eurotech Learning Community.  Circa 2015.



Short‐Sleeve Tee Shirt: Engineering House

Brian Schwarz

First Year Programs & Learning Communities.  Circa 2012



UConn School of Engineering Lanyard

Brian Schwarz

Circa 2016



Eurotech U.S. and German Flags

Brian Schwarz

Recognizing Eurotech, a 5‐yr program with 6‐mo. internship in Germany and BS degrees in Engineering & German



UConn WBB 2015 NCAA Hat

Brian Schwarz



3D Printed UConn Logo

Ranier Hebert

Typical sample created at the Pratt & Whitney Additive Manufacturing Innovation Center at UConn



1976 Senior Design Final Project Report

Joel S. Douglas

Tourist Center design report produced on a typewriter and hand‐ written for Civil Engineering 291‐01 and Professor Milo Ketchum



Mechanical Engineering Senior Design Project Brochure & USB Flash Drive

Horea Ilies

2016 Mechanical Engineering Senior Design project printed brochure and Universal Serial Bus (USB) portable storage device containing 2014‐2015 & 2015‐2016 brochure files



Academy of Distinguished Engineers Induction Booklets

UConn Engineering

2009, 2011‐2013, & 2014‐2016



A History of Engineering Education

UConn Engineering

History of UConn Engineering 1881‐1995, April 1996, 2nd Edition.



3D Printed Topology Optimization Prototype

Julian Norato Shanglong Zhang

Resin plastic part made with stereolithography (SLA) Formlabs, Inc. Form 1+ 3D printer. 2017



AT&T® Push Button Corded Desk Phone

Noreen Wall

UConn business system telephone assigned number 203‐486‐ 0874. in 1995, area code 203 was split and eastern Connecticut became 860




Pickett 140‐ES Microline Student Duplex Slide Rule

Sebastian Amenta

Standard‐issue slide rule purchased in 1973 at the UConn Bookstore and used until 1975, when it was replaced by a rudimentary and affordable calculator



Mobira Analog Cellular Phone Model ME57A

Dave Hill and Molly Hill

Nokia Mobile Radio made in Finland. Bought in 1985 for about 3,000 USD. Same device used by Connecticut State Police. One of the 1st cellular phones with an integral RJ11 data port



Franklin DBS‐2 Digital Book System

Dave Hill and Molly Hill

Liquid crystal, monochromatic displaying 4×40 ASCII characters with audio.  Circa 1993



Polaroid OneStep SX‐70 Land Camera

Dave Hill and Molly Hill

Instant camera sold by Polaroid Corporation. 1972‐1977


Polaroid 600 OneStep Express Instant Camera

Dave and Molly Hill

Instant camera sold by Polaroid Corporation.  Circa 2000’s



Time Capsule Concrete Vault

Ross Bagtzoglou Kay Wille

Dominic Kruszewski Peter Glaude

Containment vault for the time capsule composed of ultra high performance fiber reinforced concrete (UHP‐FRC) fabricated by the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering Advanced Cementitious Materials & Composites (ACMC) Laboratory



Class of 2016 Commencement Cap and Tassel

Monica Bullock

UConn Engineering Class of 2016 mortar board and tassel with year charm



Senior Design Project Brochures and DVD+R

UConn Engineering

2015, 2016, and 2017 printed Senior Design project brochures and a recordable Digital Versatile Disc (DVD) with 2017 with 2017 electronic file



Miscellaneous hard and soft materials

Chris LaRosa UConn Engineering

Brochures, historic and current photos, and memorabilia



Time Capsule Dedication Materials and DVD+R

UConn Engineering

Time capsule dedication catalog, Dean’s letter, et cetera in hard copy and electronic files on DVD