Why Give

What Was Your Tuition?

In 2015-2016, UConn costs  $26,000 (tuition, fees, housing and meals).

alumni-2Of 3,000 students, we have been able to provide scholarships to only 183 at an average of $2,500 each. Even this modest amount has had an impact. But we have more to do.

Aspiring engineers must overcome huge financial hurdles.

For some, those hurdles are insurmountable.


With 8 applicants vying for every one space in the School of Engineering, all admitted are worthy of scholarship support based on merit. Most also have financial need.

If you want to help, you may focus on a specific department or, to provide the School with maximum flexibility, create a scholarship open to all Engineering students.

Your scholarship support educates the next generation of engineers, supplies Connecticut companies with top talent, builds the economy, and enhances UConn’s reputation.

Faculty Support

Investing in faculty, gives the School of Engineering a competitive edge.

Endowed positions don’t pay salaries. They provide investment income for the best faculty to conduct advanced research, hire student research assistants, travel to conferences and host conferences here. These are highly effective in recruiting and retaining the exceptional faculty needed to lift our School to the topmost tier. They can carry your name and they last forever.

These are renowned scholars who raise the level of research and the profile of the School.

Pioneering Research

Help is also needed to support the research that leads to innovation. Consider giving to an area that aligns with your interests—perhaps a specific department, research center, or field of study. In this way, you partner with the School in achieving shared objectives.

How It Works. . .

To graduate exceptional students, and conduct life-changing research, support is needed in two ways:

Endowed gifts – in which the UConn Foundation invests your gift and the annual investment return supports your wish forever. These gifts can carry your name, honor someone special and they grow over the years.

Current-use gifts – address immediate School needs. For instance, you can upgrade a lab or support a one-year visiting professorship. You can give for a single year or pledge support over several years.

gift-of-educationStudent Support – endowed:

  • $50,000 or more will establish a fund to support Engineering students forever.
  • $100,000 or more enables you to specify other criteria, such as a major.
  • $750,000 generates enough investment income for a full in-state scholarship.

Faculty Support- endowed:

  • $100,000 a faculty fellowship.
  • $300,000 an associate professorship.
  • $500,000 a visiting professorship.
  • $750,000 endows a named professorship.
  • $1.5 million a chair.
  • $3 million a distinguished chair.

Tax-Advantaged Giving

Tax-Advantaged Giving can create a legacy in your name and be accomplished over a five-year period through tax-advantaged gifts or by making a bequest in your will.

Learn About: Tax Advantage Giving